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I absolutely recommend Hydabrek Construction to anyone looking for a great team of craftsmen to build their next construction project. Rick and Tracy, along with their crew and sub-contractors, made both of our projects an unbelievably enjoyable experience – yes, “enjoyable”.

Our first project was a major remodel that required that we move out of our home for three months and consisted of removing load bearing interior walls and re-supporting the roof structure; a complete remodel and expansion of the kitchen; addition of about 1000 square feet which included a large family room, a guest bedroom and large walk-in master closet; complete remodel of all three bathrooms; and new front entry. We were given a construction time line and a budget calculation before work began and we’ve all heard the horror stories that go along with those, but Rick completed the job on time and on budget and it’s beautiful!

For our second project, we wanted to build a 625 square foot outdoor pavilion with a fireplace. Because we were so impressed with our first experience with Hydabrek Construction, we didn’t even get competing bids for this project, we just went straight to Rick. Bids are only as good as the company standing behind it and we already knew his quality and integrity. Again, this project turned out better than expected. As before, Rick had some ideas along the way that he presented to us that enhanced the finished job and saved us money.

I cannot convey in this short text how strongly I recommend Hydabrek Construction. If any of your potential clients want to discuss my projects with me, please give them my phone number – I’d be happy to give them all the details and a tour. The bottom line is this: Hydabrek Construction finished my projects on time, on budget, done right and with integrity. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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